Dental Bridges in Etobicoke, ON

Dental Bridges in Etobicoke, ON

If you have lost a tooth recently, you may be searching for the best solution to restore your smile. Having one or more missing teeth causes more than a cosmetic issue. You may have difficulty chewing, jaw discomfort, or other bite problems.

For these reasons, one of the most common tooth replacement options is a dental bridge. This type of dental restoration fills in the empty space and gives you back your full, natural smile. Dentist at Emiles Dental Care have the experience in providing dental bridges in Etobicoke, promising complete dental care.

Dental Bridges in Etobicoke

A dental bridge is placed when a missing tooth or teeth are causing the nearby teeth to shift or loosen. The prosthetic tooth fills in the gap and helps restore healthy mouth function.

At Emiles Dental Care, we offer four types of bridges:

  • A traditional tooth bridge in Etobicoke, ON is the most commonly used type. One of more false teeth is secured with dental crowns. The tooth crowns are bonded to the teeth adjacent to the gap.
  • A cantilever bridge is also supported by a dental crown, but only on one side. Therefore, if only one healthy tooth is available near the gap, a bridge can still be placed.
  • Maryland bridges are the most conservative approach. A porcelain or metal framework is placed to hold the prosthetic tooth in place. As a result, this bridge is not as secure as other types that are cemented in place. For this reason, a Maryland bridge is not used to replace back teeth that must sustain the chewing force.
  • An implant-supported bridge can be used when more than one tooth that is missing. Dental implants keep this bridge in place. Implant posts are surgically inserted into the jawbone for maximum stability.

There are several benefits to choosing a dental bridge in Etobicoke as your tooth replacement solution. The procedure is simple, and the result is a full, uniform set of teeth. Because tooth loss can lead to chewing and biting difficulty, it is important to replace missing teeth. Therefore, bridges at Emiles Dental Care eliminate problems eating and speaking, and restore your beautiful smile.

Bridges at Emiles Dental Care

With the correct treatment, tooth loss doesn’t have to impact the look of your smile or mouth health. Dental bridges are an excellent option for many patients, so if your Etobicoke dentist recommends this type of cosmetic dentistry, go for it!

Whether you’re looking for tooth bridge treatment in Woodbridge or other surrounding locations including Rexdale, Toronto, Humber Summit, Malton, and Clairville, Emiles Dental Care ensures everything is easily available.

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