Partials & Dentures in Etobicoke, ON

Partials & Dentures in Etobicoke, ON

When it comes time for prosthetic dental appliances, the folks at Emiles Dental Care in Etobicoke, denture clinic in Etobicoke, ON understand the different needs of different patients. Consultations for partials & dentures are handled with our patient-centered approach, so you will feel that whatever your unique needs are that our team is meeting them. Communicating clearly is another one of our values – we will make sure that you feel heard and understand every part of the prosthetic dentistry approach. Our experienced dentist is the best around, and you’ll feel like you’re in great hands as you get your new appliances.

The reasons why folks come in for partials and dentures is because having a gap or many gaps in the mouth is not healthy. Several types of bacteria can cause problems in these openings, and when there’s no tooth opposing the tooth vertically, then there could be all sorts of growth issues occurring with the intact tooth taking the space that’s not occupied. The bottom line is that having dentures and partials helps your oral hygiene immensely.

The first thing we will do at the consultation is to take an impression of your mouth to see exactly what type of dental prosthetics are needed. For some people, getting a partial could work because you would be either rebuilding a tooth or getting a false tooth to fill in a gap. Dentures are far more involved. What we would do there is make sure to take an impression and get an appliance fabricated that allows you to have the most natural feeling as you have the dental appliances in your mouth. The other important thing is making sure that you can use these appliances for chewing and other functions. You shouldn’t have to remove your partials and dentures just to eat, and our team will make sure that whatever option is chosen is the best one for you.

At Emiles Dental Care we our trained professionals keep in mind the varied needs of patients and provide denture treatment in Etobicoke, ON based on their needs.

Choosing to get help with partials and dentures is very important to your oral health. To get the best service, give our office a call. We will get you booked and when you come in our team will be ready to provide you with the time and attention you need so that you walk out of the office knowing exactly what’s next in your journey to getting the right dental appliance.

Other than our services of complete and partial denture in Etobicoke, ON, we also serve in Rexdale, Woodbridge, Toronto, Humber Summit, Malton, and Clairville.

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