Root Canals in Etobicoke, ON

Root Canals in Etobicoke, ON

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they are in great pain with their teeth. This is when people usually run to the dentist and wonder what’s wrong. Often times, this means the root of the tooth is infected, and that’s where there is the dental pulp – a mass of nerve and blood vessels designed to keep teeth healthy. Fortunately, when you arrive at Emiles Dental Care in Etobicoke, our patient-centered approach will help you get through this painful time. Our experienced dentist is great at communicating clearly with you so that you understand the reason why you would need a root canal on the painful tooth.

There’s no way to get around it – root canals are not fun. That’s why they’re used when talking about things that are a pain. The reason the pain exists is that the nerve in the tooth is surrounded by various blood vessels and other tissue. When infection occurs, the pulp swells and the pressure on the nerve becomes intense. This is the throbbing that people experience when they have nerve root pain that necessitates a root canal.

Emiles Dental Care’s dentists offer root canals in Etobicoke using only the latest technology tools to ensure that the patients get the best services and that no compromise is ever made on the quality that is being offered to them.

Don’t put off root canals – if infections get worse, there could be a tooth abscess with is a very painful condition and could result in the loss of a tooth.

The procedure for a root canal is straightforward. The dentist will assess the tooth with an examination and possibly an x-ray. Once it is determined a root canal is needed, then the dentist will make an impression for a crown and drill off part of the tooth and remove the infected tissue. The dentist will then put a temporary crown on the tooth to protect it while the permanent crown is being fabricated. Once the crown is in, you’ll come back, and the dentist will cement the crown in place, thus saving the tooth and alleviating the pain.

No pain feels as acute as dental pain. Don’t sit in pain, hoping it will go away. You could be making the situation much worse by delaying treatment. Give us a call, and we will help you get past the pain, and if it’s a root canal, we will make sure that you are in as little pain as possible during the procedure.

For an effective root canal treatment in Etobicoke, ON, book an appointment with dentists at Emiles Dental Care and offer the best services. Services may also be available in Rexdale, Woodbridge, Toronto, Humber Summit, Malton, and Clairville..

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