Should You Get Partial Dentures to Replace Your Teeth?

Should You Get Partial Dentures to Replace Your Teeth?

What Are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are also known as a bridge. These consist of replacement teeth that have been placed onto a base that resembles your gums. This base is connected by a frame that’s usually made of metal. This frame helps the dentures to stay in place when they’re in use.

Partial dentures are an alternative to complete dentures, or false teeth.

Who Are Partial Dentures For?

Partial dentures are for people who have a few of their natural teeth remaining. You just need one or more teeth to qualify for partial dentures. The bridge is used to replace teeth by using crowns on either sides of the teeth you have remaining.

The fake teeth are then added to the bridge before the bridge gets adhered in your mouth. Partial dentures will also help to prevent any natural teeth that you have remaining from moving around.

As you can tell by the name, partial dentures are removable.

Where Can You Get Partial Dentures?

There are several places to get partial and complete dentures in Etobicoke. You can easily visit most dentists in Etobicoke to have a consultation, along with the insertion of the dentures. Next time you’re at the dentist, feel free to ask them any questions you may have about getting partial dentures.

There are plenty of Etobicoke dentist that have a lot of experience with partial dentures. Emile’s Dental Care is a great dental office to check out if you don’t have any dental office already in mind.

Why You May Want Partial Dentures

There are several reasons why you may want to get partial dentures. If you are missing any teeth at all, you’ll notice that the pressure shifts when you bite. Another thing that can happen when you have teeth missing is your other natural teeth that you have remaining may begin to move.

The soft tissues in your mouth, as well as the supporting bones near your missing teeth, may start to shrink. This not only changes your appearance but can have an effect on the natural teeth you have remaining.

When you get partial dentures, you’ll be supporting the natural structure of your mouth. This includes your gums, muscles, and bones. With the dentures, these things stay active, instead of dormant. This is how partial dentures can prevent further dental damage, and give you your beautiful smile back.

Benefits of Partial Dentures

For starters, partial dentures are much less invasive than complete dentures. They are also much more budget-friendly than other types of dental replacements. Even though partial dentures require some maintenance, it’s something you’ll get used to doing daily.

Partial dentures can restore confidence back in patients that feel like they’ve lost their smile. Not only that, but they also will give people the full functionality of their mouth back. Another benefit of partial dentures is that they are adjustable. If your teeth move, or anything else changes in your mouth, your dentist can easily adjust the dentures.

Additional Information

Can you eat with partial dentures in your mouth?

Yes. This type of replacement teeth option is made to give you the full ability to use your mouth, just like you would your natural teeth. Though partial dentures may feel strange at first, you’ll eventually get used to them. It is advised to start by eating soft foods when you first get your dentures, chewing slowly on both sides of your mouth. Work your way up to other types of food, but do your best to avoid really hard, or sticky foods.

Can you sleep with partial dentures in?

In general, you do not want to sleep with your partial dentures in your mouth. There are several reasons why you shouldn’t, including keeping your mouth clean from food particles, as well as the ability to clean the dentures daily.

This time will also give your gums time to rest. You also don’t want to wear your dentures to bed if you clench your teeth while you’re sleeping, as this can cause damage to the dentures just like it would with natural teeth.

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